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Version: 1.11.2

Last Update: 15 Mar 2024 

Release Date: 19 Jan 2023

Uses: Unlimited Domain

Products Source: Original Authors.

Future Updates: One Year / Lifetime

License Type: GPL

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  • WP Synchro Pro

    Complete migration plugin for WP developers

    Save time by automating the repetitive task of synchronizing two sites, such as keeping a local development site synchronized with a production site or a staging site in sync with a production site.

    A complete solution to migrate WordPress sites

    WP Synchro helps you migrate and synchronize databases and files between two WordPress installations, with the need to control what data to move and easy to run multiple times.

    WP Synchro Pro GPL Features:

    Pull/Push your site to another location

    Pull data down another WordPress site to e.g. a local site, so you have the latest database and files to work on. Push data is the opposite of pull data. It allows you to push new data to another WordPress site, so they are synchronized.

    Synchronize files – No more need for FTP

    Synchronize the files between your environments. You can choose what to transfer, such as themes, plugins, media or other dirs/files.

    Backup database before overwriting

    Export database tables to .sql file, before doing database migration, if something should go wrong. Better safe than sorry.

    Connect to .htaccess & password protected sites

    When having online staging sites or dev sites, you often want to protect them from bots and others accessing them. This is often done by adding username/password protection in .htaccess with Apache and can be done in other ways with other webservers.

    Clear cache after migration on popular plugins

    After a successful migration, you often want to clear the cache on the target site, to prevent old content from being shown. We support popular cache plugins, that offer a programmatic way of clearing their cache. Currently, we support WP Rocket/WP Super Cache/W3 Total cache/Comet Cache.

    Synchronize database with ease and no errors

    Synchronize database content between your environments and customize how you want it done.

    Search/replace on database sync automatically

    Do a search/replace in the database synchronization, to change URLs or other data you want to be changed.

    Preconfigured migrations to make it really easy

    Choose a preconfigured setup when creating your migration – Such as ‘Synchronize entire site’ or ‘Synchronize entire database’. If you just want to move it all, choose one of the configurations and start migrating.

    Email notification on success/failure

    You can get an email sent to a list of emails, whenever WP Synchro completes a synchronization. Different lists are used for success and failures. This can be especially nice, when running synchronization as cron jobs, so you can get notifications on the results.

    Schedule synchronization with cron and WP-CLI

    If you want to run synchronization on a schedule, such as every night at 03:00 or every 30 minutes. You can do this with WP Synchro, by scheduling a cron job on your hosting platform. How this can be done differs widely depending on hosting, but most hosting allow it. Then you can trigger your already-configured synchronization to run without you having to trigger it every time.


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