Wp99.in business model.

**wp99.in Business Model**

wp99.in is an online platform with the aim of providing worldwide access to WordPress GPL (General Public License) licensed themes and plugins.

**1. GPL Licensed Themes and Plugins:**

wp99.in is an online platform where we gather WordPress themes and plugins that fall under the GPL license. We understand that under the GPL license terms, we have the right to modify, distribute, and resell these themes and plugins.

**2. Affordable Pricing:**

We offer these themes and plugins to our users at an accessible price point. Our goal is to make premium themes and plugins accessible, especially to students and new WordPress users who might find premium options expensive.

**3. Yearly and Lifetime Updates:**

Customers who purchase from wp99.in are entitled to 1-year or lifetime updates for the themes and plugins they acquire. This means that they have access to updates for one year or indefinitely, depending on their preference.

**4. Manual Updates:**

We provide our customers on how to manually download and update their themes and plugins on their websites. We do not provide automatic updates, giving users complete control over their update process.

**5. No Technical Support:**

We do not offer technical support. We make it clear to customers that support is exclusively available from the original product authors or for premium users. Our focus is on providing educational resources and information.

**6. Ethical Collection:**

We gather themes and plugins from various sources in an ethical manner and strictly adhere to the terms and conditions of the GPL license. Our aim is to maintain legal and ethical business practices.

**7. Educational Focus:**

The primary focus of wp99.in is to assist WordPress users and students in learning and enhancing their skills. We provide resources and information to empower users to develop their websites and online projects. We see ourselves as an educational resource for the community.

wp99.in serves as a valuable platform within the WordPress community, offering affordable pricing and updates while adhering to the principles of the GPL license. We believe that compliance with GPL license terms and ethical business practices are essential for the success and credibility of our mission.