Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to provide GPL License products.

The primary focus of wp99.in is to assist WordPress users and students in learning and enhancing their skills. We provide resources and information to empower users to develop their websites and online projects. We see ourselves as an educational resource for the community.

wp99.in serves as a valuable platform within the WordPress community, offering affordable pricing and updates while adhering to the principles of the GPL license. We believe that compliance with GPL license terms and ethical business practices are essential for the success and credibility of our mission.

For a long time, we have realized that WordPress premium themes and plugins are very expensive, and independent GPL license products can be used instead of them, but some GPL license provider companies are also selling GPL products for a premium price. Again some developers who want to test premium products are unable to use them. And as the purpose of the GPL license is that everyone has the right to use premium software.

We decided to deal with it ourselves.
And we have gone ahead to give each product for only 99 Indian Rupees, this price only because the product source, website maintenance and marketing cost can be supplied.

We provide a reliable, affordable and secure platform for students, small developers, and advanced developers to other companies.
WP99 aims to provide all developers access to GPL products

wp99.in is not involved in the development of any item that is listed. These items are developed by third-party developers and are distributed by wp99.inΒ  All items fall under the GPL.