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Version: 7.11.5

Last Update: 28 Apr 2024

Release Date: 10 Jan 2020

Uses: Unlimited Domain

Products Source: Original Authors.

Future Updates: One Year / Lifetime

License Type: GPL

Wordfence Security Premium

Wordfence Security Premium is a paid version of the Wordfence Security plugin, designed for individuals or organizations that manage their own websites and require additional features and support. With Wordfence Security Premium, users have access to ticket-based support from the Wordfence team, who can assist with any security-related issues or questions.

One of the main advantages of Wordfence Security Premium is its advanced protection against the latest exploits. The plugin is regularly updated to stay up-to-date with the newest threats and vulnerabilities, ensuring that websites are well-protected against potential attacks.

Additionally, Wordfence Security Premium includes advanced malware detection capabilities. It scans websites for the latest malware signatures, providing an extra layer of security against malicious code that could potentially compromise the website’s integrity.

Another important feature of Wordfence Security Premium is the ability to block malicious IP addresses that are specifically targeting WordPress sites. This helps to prevent brute-force attacks and other malicious activities by automatically blocking suspicious or known malicious IP addresses.

In summary, Wordfence Security Premium is a comprehensive security solution for self-administered WordPress websites. It offers advanced protection against the latest exploits, detection of the newest malware, and the ability to block malicious IP addresses currently attacking WordPress sites.

Wordfence Security Premium provides the real-time endpoint protection you need to protect your mission-critical website.

Real-time IP Blacklist

Blocks all requests from IP addresses that are actively attacking WordPress sites protected by Wordfence. Improves protection while improving site performance.

  • Block the Newest Exploits

    Wordfence Premium customers receive new firewall rules the moment our threat intelligence team releases them. When attackers invent new techniques to exploit WordPress, we deploy firewall rules to protect our Premium customers in real-time. With Wordfence Premium, you are protected from the newest exploits as we discover them.

  • Detect the Newest Malware

    Wordfence Premium customers also receive new malware detection capabilities in real-time. Our team writes detection signatures for new malware variants and immediately deploys those signatures to your Wordfence installation, giving you the ability to detect even the newest malware. Our malware signatures are used by your firewall to prevent hackers from uploading malware, and they’re used by your Wordfence scanner to detect any malware in your filesystem.

  • Block Malicious IP Addresses in Real-Time

    Wordfence is used by over 4 million websites, which means that we see attack reports from millions of websites every day. The Wordfence team knows who is attacking WordPress. Our sophisticated real-time algorithm is continuously updating the blocklist containing 25,000 to 60,000 active malicious IP addresses. Premium customers regularly receive updates to this list which outright prevents these dangerous IP addresses from accessing your site.

Includes Free Centralized Management

Wordfence Central is a powerful and efficient way to manage the security of multiple WordPress sites from a single console. Rapidly assess the security status of all your websites on a single page. View detailed security findings without leaving Wordfence Central and receive notifications when one of your sites experiences a security event. Powerful templates make configuring the security of all your WordPress sites a breeze.

Real-time Firewall Rule Updates

The Wordfence firewall leverages firewall rules to identify and block malicious traffic to your website, protecting you from the latest WordPress attacks and security vulnerabilities.

Real-time Malware Signature Updates

The Wordfence security scanner and firewall rely on thousands of malware signatures to help identify malware on your website and to block malicious uploads.

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