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Version: 2.4.1

Last Update: 15 Mar 2024 

Release Date: 19 Jan 2023

Uses: Unlimited Domain

Products Source: Original Authors.

Future Updates: One Year / Lifetime

License Type: GPL

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  • Easy Digital Downloads Simple Shipping Addon

    Easy Digital Downloads is built specifically for selling digital products, but some people love the plugin so much that they want to use it for selling physical products as well. For this reason, we have built the Simple Shipping extension that adds some simple shipping features to Easy Digital Downloads.

    This extension is designed primarily for those people selling mostly digital products (as EDD is designed to do) with a few physical products on the site, perhaps DVD versions of your video downloads, or perhaps CDs of downloadable audio files. Perhaps even t-shirts to complement your digital brand.

    With this extension, you can easily collect shipping info from your customers during checkout, set shipping rates for domestic and international orders, and mark payments as being shipped or not.

    Shipping can be enabled on a per-product basis and can even be enabled on a per-price basis for products with multiple price options.

    To make shipping orders even easier, a new option to export all unshipped orders is also added to the Downloads → Reports → Export screen.

    Running a marketplace? Simple Shipping includes complete support for our Frontend Submissions extension.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does Simple Shipping integrate with my preferred shipping company?
    No, Simple Shipping doesn’t integrate with any shipping company. It simply collects the shipping location address and then the store owner is responsible for all shipping details.

    Can I have variable shipping costs by weight?
    No, Simple Shipping is flat rate only.

    Can I have variable shipping costs by size?
    No, Simple Shipping has no mechanism for dealing with product size.

    Can I have variable shipping costs by distance?
    No, Simple Shipping is flat rate only.

    Can I charge a different rate for domestic and international shipping?
    Yes, a single flat rate for domestic and a single flat rate for international.

    Can Vendors set Shipping rates through Front End Submissions?

    Are our shipping fees included in tax?

    Can I send tracking numbers and shipping confirmations to my customers?
    Yes, tracking numbers can be added to each order and an email confirmation can be sent to the customer with the tracking numbers.


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