WordPress Download Manager Pro WordPress Plugin

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Version: 6.5.3

Last Update: 14 May 2024

Release Date: 19 Jan 2023

Uses: Unlimited Domain

Products Source: Original Authors.

Future Updates: One Year / Lifetime

License Type: GPL

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WordPress Download Manager Pro Overview:

Best WordPress Plugin For Document Management and Selling Digital Products. WordPress Download Manager Pro is packed with all features you will ever need to manage your files and documents, protecting documents with passwords, document access control based on members’ roles and capabilities, detailed access log, selling digital products, licensing, and many more features.

WordPress download manager pro GPL is not just “Yet Another WordPress Plugin“. WordPress Download Manager is the best Files / Documents Management Plugin to Manage, Track, Control File Downloads and Complete e-Commerce Solution for selling digital products from your WordPress site.

WordPress Download Manager Pro packed with all features you will ever need for selling digital products & monitoring file downloads like price variations, licensing, password protection, download visibility based on members roles and capabilities, detailed access log and many more features.

WordPress Download Manager Pro GPL Features:

Core Features

  • Multi-File Package
    You can use multiple files with a single entry. at front-end, those files will be downloaded as a zip
  • Access Control
    Control users who should have access to downloads or who is forbidden to download
  • Password Protection
    You can protect full package or each file in a package using one or more password
  • Bandwidth Control
    You can control the download speed easily using this option to prevent abuse of server resources
  • Bulk Import
    Upload all of your files using ftp, Import and convert all those to packages at a time
  • Download Stats
    Track on who is downloading and from where. also how many times it’s downloaded.
  • Custom Templates
    Control over how package links and pages should look at front-end with easy to use template tags

Payment Gateways

  • PayPal
    From Smart Payment Buttons™ to advanced checkout options to allowing customers to pay with PayPal Credit, Venmo, and local payment methods.
  • Stripe
    The new standard in online payments. Accept all credit card easily and directly from your store. Give your customers best checkout experience.
  • Accept Cryptos
    Use coinbase or advcash payment gateway add-on to accept payment using BitCoin, Ethereum and all other major crypto currencies.

Digital Store & MarketPlace

  • Shopping Cart
    Full-featured shopping cart with an integrated PayPal payment system to sell your packages.
  • Order & Invoice Management
    Extended order and invoice management options, multiple invoice templates with customization options.
  • Save & Email Cart
    Add items to your cart, you can save it to checkout later or email the saved cart to someone you want to pay for the items.
  • Role-Based Discount
    You can keep a product free for some users and paid for some others, or you can add a discount for a user group.
  • Sales Report
    Full detailed report on sales and orders. Generate custom chart or graph reports for site-wide sales or shop specific or product-specific sales easily.
  • Coupon Management
    The Plugin includes a very wide range of coupon management. You can create product-specific coupons or global coupons for different levels of discount.
  • Product & Price Variation
    Unlimited Product Variations. Create single or multiple variations like license, and size with increment or decrement of the base price.
  • Simplest Checkout Option
    Premium Package Add-on introduced simplest checkout system ever, no complex steps, both guest and members checkout just exactly in 2 clicks.


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