With the very nature of the internet, your store is practically open to the whole world so why not make the experience more enjoyable and easier for your visitors but allowing them to view your store in their local currency.

The Woocommerce Multi Currency Plugin gives you total control in adding as many currencies as you want to your store and how the prices of your products are displayed in each currency. Add your currencies, set the price of your products in that currency or convert the base price using a live or custom exchange rate and allow the visitor to checkout in their local currency. It couldn’t be more easier to get Multi Currency setup in your store.

Feature Highlights

  • Add unlimited currencies to your store
  • Format converted prices easily using automatically formatting rules
  • Use live exhcage rates from a number of built-in sources
  • Use your own custom exchange rates
  • Use a combination of both live and custom rates for currencies in your store
  • Use GeoIP to automatically set the visitors currency
  • Set custom prices for each currency for products
  • Built-in currency switcher widget
  • Let visitors choose which currency they view your store in
  • Checkout in the visitors chosen currency
  • Pay in the visitors chosen currency
  • Save the currency prices when an order is placed for future reference
  • View sales reports in each currency

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Woocommerce Multi Currency Store Pro
  • Version: 1.9.8
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Last Update: September 18, 2023
Relased: December 15, 2020
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