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Last Update: 27 Apr 2024

Release Date:  25 Nov2020

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WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator

Sell Objects Priced by using Unit or Allow Customers in conformity with Add Quantities on Their Own including Measurement Price Calculator

While selling t-shirts yet mobile telephone covers is effortless along WooCommerce, dense regarding us additionally sell merchandise so much aren’t sold between quantities about “1”, such as like flooring, wallpaper, yet more. The Measurement Price Calculator because of WooCommerce choice clear up the issues you’ve probable encountered in placing on then pricing it products.

The Measurement Price Calculator extension for WooCommerce allows ye in imitation of assimilate or configure a counter to you merchandise up to expectation are bought in quantities based of theirs dimensions, rectangular footage, volume, and weight. This approves ye after without difficulty promote merchandise who bear a known excuse care of item. For instance, let’s address you bear tile that’s sold because $2.09 care of square foot, yet ye offer a box regarding tiles so much covers 35 square toes yet a large box to that amount covers 60 rectangular feet. Using the identical pricing through rectangular foot, thou do effortlessly unite the altar over the container and the calculator pleasure show the volume price through box.

Looking after as an alternative allow customers in conformity with tell ye or a lot they need? The Measurement Price Calculator also permits thou to sell merchandise based regarding the virtue through unit of measurement (per rectangular foot, thick yard, etc). Perhaps thou sell mulch with a cost care of close yard — you execute allow the purchaser in accordance with supply an region and deepness of mulch, and the palmist derives the aggregation frequent yardage and closing price. Configure anybody aggregate regarding devices then customize labels in imitation of pair you store’s needs!

Key Features

  • Use the extent calculator for merchandise based on regarded product measurements (i.e. field regarding tiles)
  • Use the pricing calculator for products priced or sold via the unit: foot, rectangular meter, solid yard, and so forth (i.e. backyard mulch via volume, wallpaper via area)
  • Product prices execute remain displayed by unit (e.g., “$1.75 / ft”, “from $3 / sq m”) within keep yet regarding product pages
  • Pricing calculator inventory support: product stock do remain managed “per unit”
  • Pricing calculator dynamic weight: product ponderosity may remain set/calculated “per unit” because shipping
  • Pricing calculator pricing table: employ price breaks primarily based over easy manufacture measurement ranges
  • Calculators reachable because of all bodily attributes: dimensions, area, surface area, volume, yet weight
  • Area, volume, perimeter, then floor location calculators entire permit easy inputs, then getting into length, width, then heigh independently
  • Use someone aggregate concerning units
  • When permitting user-defined inputs, optionally include an overage calculation automatically NEW
  • Customize excuse then pricing labels
  • Set minimum yet maximum values and the widely used foot / increase regarding customers’ entered measurements NEW
  • Variable merchandise supported because per-unit pricing, delivery weight, yet inventory
  • Special “Room Walls” counter because promoting wallpaper

Just Some of the Possibilities:

  • Tile offered by means of the field overlaying a definitive area:
  • Variable mulch offered through the close yard, together with the customer supplying an region yet depth:
  • Colored material by means of the yard:
  • Wallpaper by means of the pour based of panel dimensions:
  • Foam bought by way of the thick foot
  • Fencing for a backyard perimeter
  • Coffee bought by the pound
  • Wrapping paper with the aid of surface area
  • And more…

One Plugin, Two Calculator Modes

With this certain plugin thou execute configure two wonderful astrologer modes: quantity-basedand user-defined. To learn how many in accordance with put in over merchandise because each mode, take a look at abroad the documentation. The quantity-based calculator is best for promoting products as bear a embark measurement, such as much a box of tile with fond rectangular footage. The fortuneteller intention keep shown over the frontend, provocation the consumer for a measure and screen (for instance). You set the note or the units in imitation of use, or thine patron execute easily purchase the minimal number about boxes based totally regarding the region of their floor or the insurance about every container over tiles:

Selling a field concerning tile with the quantity calculator

As proven among the sample image, the plugin can remain configured in conformity with show the virtue “per unit”, namely is frequent along tile sales. The price because of the manufacture (e.g., certain container about tiles) wish keep refuted via the configured altar of the production (e.g., the rectangular foot coverage on the box of tiles) according to determine the price per unit. Of course, any on the calculators do lie used: dimensions, area, quantity yet weight, including somebody mixture concerning units yet customized labels.

On the lousy hand, the user-defined counter mode allows ye according to promote merchandise who are priced per unit then bought between custom sizes. This calculator is best because selling merchandise who are customized after order: because of instance, fabric bought by means of the foot, together with a measure furnished by way of the customer. When the ‘Calculated Price’ choice is enabled, virtue pleasure keep defined the price by soloist or the quantity entered by means of the customer.

On the manufacture page, the consumer wish be capable in conformity with furnish the length desired or see the closing virtue based concerning theirs dimensions:

Pricing Calculator Inventory Support

In the ultra-modern model regarding the plugin, inventory can now stand managed “by unit” for custom sized products (user-defined mode). With it option enabled, ye have the ability in conformity with calculation because of product stock between the equal devices in as it is sold. For instance, condition your product is fabric with the aid of the foot thou may configure you production inventory of terms about reachable ft on fabric, hence proviso a purchaser orders twins 10-foot lengths a aggregate concerning 20 ft desire stay deducted out of thy manufacture inventory.

Pricing Calculator Dynamic Weight

Now thou may configure a ponderosity “per unit” because of your user-defined counter products. By enabling this option thou are capable after set a ounce by rectangular foot, because of instance, consequently to that amount delivery charges do remain efficaciously totaled because merchandise custom-made by using thy customers.

Pricing Table

For easy merchandise including expenses so much fluctuate depending over the quantity measurement about the item, we are pleased according to sing the pricing table feature. No longer are you restricted to a odd price per unit because of thy pricing palmist merchandise – actually outline one or greater pricing rules consisting over a dimension range, a virtue by unit, yet a trafficking virtue through unit yet the metering value astrologer choice bust care of the rest. The value wish remain right now updated on the manufacture web page based totally about the size concerning product configured through the customer.


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