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Version: 1.23.0

Last Update: 7 Feb 2024

Release Date: 15 Mar 2020

Uses: Unlimited Domain

Products Source: Original Authors.

Future Updates: One Year / Lifetime

License Type: GPL


When shopping online, delivery times matter. If your store offers local delivery or in-store collection, then it’s vital to provide order date and time slot options.

By using Iconic Delivery Slots for WooCommerce, you can ensure your store or restaurant is never over-booked and orders arrive at the right time.

Your customers will be satisfied because they know when to expect their order, and your staff will be happy because you’re able to deliver it without going overcapacity.

“An excellent plugin with impressive in-depth functionality. The customer support has been fantastic.” — Joe Read, Wyze Digital

What can Delivery Slots do for your WooCommerce store?

  • Increase customer satisfaction by allowing customers to choose when to receive their order.
  • Prevent overloading your store by restricting the number of orders per day and time slot.
  • Increase the average order value by charging additional delivery fees.
  • Keep your customers coming back by living up to delivery expectations.

Delivery/collection date and time slots

Set up flexible delivery and collection time slots so your customers know exactly when to expect their order.

Delivery and Collection Date and Time at WooCommerce Checkout
Can I change the wording from “Delivery” to “Collection” or “Pickup”?

Yes, you can customize the field labels as soon as your customer selects a shipping method.

Reserve a slot before checkout

Your customers can reserve a slot before they shop to avoid disappointment at checkout.

Reserve a time slot before shopping in WooCommerce

How long do reservations last?

The default reservation length is 30 minutes and you can change it to suit your needs from the settings page.

Choose your delivery days

Manage your delivery days by offering delivery and collection dates only when your shop is open.

Choose store delivery days in WooCommerce

Maximum orders per day and time slot

Limit orders per day and per time slot to avoid over-loading your shop and staff.

Set a maximum number of orders per day or time slot

Delivery day fees

Charge additional delivery fees based on same day/next day delivery, day of the week, or the selected time slot.

Set delivery day fees in WooCommerce

Modern calendar design

Choose a light or dark calendar theme to improve your customer experience at checkout and to blend perfectly with your store’s design.

Modern calendar for delivery date in WooCommerce

Can I use my own calendar theme?

Yes, select “None” from the settings and use your own jQuery datepicker theme.

Flexible holidays

Create flexible and repeatable holidays to prevent customers booking on days when your store is closed.

Holiday periods for no deliveries in WooCommerce

Upcoming and reserved deliveries overview

Get a detailed overview of upcoming and reserved orders so you and your staff know exactly when to prepare orders.

Upcoming deliveries and reservations in WooCommerce

Flexible delivery settings

Set minimum and maximum delivery dates, automatically generate time slots, disable date and time picker based on products in the cart, and more.

Flexible delivery options for WooCommerce

Shipping method conditions

Toggle the date and time fields based on the selected shipping method and zone, and assign time slots to specific shipping methods.

Delivery date and time based on shipping method in WooCommerce

Developer friendly codebase

Use WordPress hooks (actions and filters) to completely customize your delivery schedule.

Thiry-Party compatibility

Delivery Slots is compatible with many third-party plugins, for example, PDF invoices, Flux Checkout, WooCommerce Lead Times, shipping plugins, and many more.


Minimum PHP version: 5.6


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