WooCommerce Advanced Notifications

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Version: 1.4.3

Last Update:  09 Feb 2024

Release Date:  7 Jul 2020

Uses: Unlimited Domain

Products Source: Original Authors.

Future Updates: One Year / Lifetime

License Type: GPL

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WooCommerce Advanced Notifications

Set upon rule yet inventory notifications because of more than one customers then 1/3 parties

The Advanced Notifications development because of WooCommerce lets thou set over order or inventory notifications because of users other than the admin. These be able stay chronic because of notifying staff then customers regarding sales, sending stock notices in imitation of suppliers, then too sending latter orders after decay shippers.

Within the plugin, ye can propagate a recipient, deliver them a name, electronic mail address then ignoble details. This new grantee can after stand assigned notifications because events, such as:

  • Low stock
  • No stock
  • Backorders
  • New orders

Setup more than one recipients in imitation of acquire emails

You may accumulate criteria according to notifications need to you desire in accordance with cut out half products:

  • Send notifications because products between a category
  • Send notifications because of products into a delivery class
  • Set over per-product notifications

The notifications themselves, primarily based on WooCommerce’s own emails, perform stay configured to consist of and leave out expenses yet method totals, and also only exhibit statistics as is relevant. For example, salvo ye accept up notifications for a t-shirt, the notifications solely list it product yet pass lousy gadgets among the order. Woo!


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