User Registration MailChimp Addon

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Version: Latest

Last Update: 31 Jan 2024

Release Date: 10 May 2021

Uses: Unlimited Domain

Products Source: Original Authors.

Future Updates: One Year / Lifetime

License Type: GPL

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User Registration MailChimp Addon

Are you looking for an easier way to add subscribers to your MailChimp account? Well then, you can use this add-on to integrate your MailChimp account with the User Registration plugin.

With our User Registration MailChimp add-on, you can easily add subscribers to your MailChimp account as they register on your site. Moreover, there are more options that the add-on offers that you cannot miss.

Add users to MailChimp list automatically

After you integrate your MailChimp account using the add-on, you can add the users to your MailChimp list directly after they register on your site. So, you can create a MailChimp registration form to automatically add subscribers.

Give Users the Option to Opt-in for MailChimp List

Also, you can give your users the freedom to choose whether or not to subscribe to your MailChimp list with this add-on. There is a setting that allows you to add the Opt-in function on your form.


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