TabWoo – Custom Product Tabs for WooCommerce

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Version: 1.0.8

Last Update: 2 Feb 2024

Release Date: 15 May 2021

Uses: Unlimited Domain

Products Source: Original Authors.

Future Updates: One Year / Lifetime

License Type: GPL

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TabWoo – Custom Product Tabs for WooCommerce

The best WooCommerce plugin to customise, add and design product tabs for WooCommerce. Enhance your WooCommerce product page with customised and extra tabs. Now ā€“ experience NO LIMIT in your Woo product page, add as many Tabs as you want

TabWoo ā€“ Extra Tabs Plugin for WooCommerceĀ is one of the amazing plugins to build tab content for customers with options toĀ add any number of custom tabs, vertical and horizontal templates, custom styling optionsĀ and many more appealing features. With this WooCommerce tab plugin, you canĀ enhance your products pageĀ by adding additional information likeĀ photo gallery, video, FAQ, downloadable files, shortcodesĀ and many more ā€“ in a stylish way.

The plugin also offers options to display a particular tabset on all product pages or design different tabset for every single product page. Incase a client wants a different tab layout for a particular product, override the default layout on aĀ product category, product tag or per-product basisĀ to customize tabs for a single product.You can create, customize and organize the tabs as per your preference.

No coding needed! Just 5 minutes setup and configuration! Works perfectly with all ā€˜well codedā€™ WooCommerce themes!

Ā FeaturesĀ 

Main features:

  • Options To Re-order And Rename Core WooCommerce Product Tabs
    • ā€“ Rename and re-order the core description, additional information, and reviews tabs
  • Add Custom Tabs
    • Add any number of custom tabs and order them
  • Set Any Tabset As ā€œDefaultā€ Tab Layout
    • A default layout of the tabs that will be used in all the product pages
  • Override Default Layout
    • Incase a client wants a different tab layout for a particular product. Override the default layout on a product category, product tag or per-product basis to customize tabs for a single product.
  • Horizontal and Vertical Tab layouts
    • Set either a horizontal or a vertical orientation for your WooCommerce product tabs
  • 10 ready to use pre designed templates
    • 10 beautiful pre designed templates available ā€“ choose any that better suits your WooCommerce site and you go!
  • 9 Different Tab Components
    • WYSIWYG Editor
    • External Shortcode
    • Products
    • Download
    • FAQ
    • Map
    • Photo Gallery
    • Video Gallery
    • Custom Link Tab
  • Enable/Disable Icons in the Tab Label
    • Select any of the available icons or upload a custom icon for your tabs. The icon position can be set to either left or right or top or bottom of the tab label.
  • Assign Tab width
    • Calculate width automatically
    • Assign same width for all tabs
    • 100% width calculation
  • Responsive Accordion Tabs
    • Mobile friendly tabs
  • Theme Compatible
    • Work flawlessly with almost all the WooCommerce themes available.
  • No Coding Required
    • The plugin is optimized to be simple and intuitive. Anybody can easily install and configure it without touching a single line of code.
  • Fully Responsive
  • Forum support
  • Email Support

and display any type of content you want!


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