SVG Divider for Elementor

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Product Details

Version:  1.0

Last Update: 15 Mar 2024 

Release Date: 19 Jan 2023

Uses: Unlimited Domain

Products Source: Original Authors.

Future Updates: One Year / Lifetime

License Type: GPL

Live Demo

SVG Divider for Elementor 

SVG Divider for Elementor – 1 Spice up your site with this enthralling divider element, and create stylish typography with ease. From simple lines to curly artworks, we offer a multitude of creative solutions, including our enticing animations! The purpose of these dividers is to split headings and text and to divide content sections.

SVG Divider for Elementor GPL Features:

Creates an Elementor Widget under the General section with a ‘Hello icon’. Adjust the colours, typography, alignment, and height including responsive options, just like you are used to in Elementor.

Drawn Style

  • 90 Hand-crafted designs that are like icons but better.
  • Easy to use design picker popup.
  • Crop to the middle part of an SVG Divider.
  • Scale a vector artwork without loss of quality.
  • Flip on any axis
  • Optional decorative ‘Glitter’ layer.


  • Custom reveal animations of the artwork lines.
  • Infinitely looped ant-march or twinkling glitter (optional layer).
  • Re-sync the timing.

Classic Style

  • Single, double, and dashed line – not CSS-border!
  • Control dashed line’s properties or the gap between double lines.
  • Crop to the middle part of an SVG Divider.
    • Elementor native Icon/Button/Text.
    • Let’s Go icon set included (300+).
    • Place the icon on the button.


  • Requires Elementor 2.8+ does not function without Elementor! There is no standalone version.
  • Uses Elementor’s shared advanced settings, and global colors, and pertains to its coding standards and system requirements.


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