Sky Addons – for Elementor Page Builder WordPress Plugin

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Version:  2.0.2

Last Update: 11 Feb 2024 

Release Date:  23 Jan 2020

Uses: Unlimited Domain

Products Source: Original Authors.

Future Updates: One Year / Lifetime

License Type: GPL

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Sky Addons – for Elementor Page Builder WordPress Plugin

Sky Addons Pro for Elementor

Sky Elementor Addons offers a wide range of extensions and widgets. We provide all the tools you need to make your website more advanced and engaging. With features like card, advanced accordion, advanced slider, advanced skill bars, dual button, image compare, info box, list group, logo grid, team member, floating effects and many more, it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. Install it today to create a better web!

The team at Sky Addons has been working to bring you the best possible Elementor Addons. We’re committed to delivering professional-grade and beautifully designed Elementor Addons that’ll make your life so much easier and help you save time and money. With one-click installs, you can create beautiful, mobile-ready sites in minutes with no hassle.

70+ Widgets and Extensions included to create stunning websites with one-click. Create beautiful, mobile-ready sites in minutes. The ultimate list of Widgets and Extensions for Elementor that will give your next project a professional look.

Included Files

  • 4 Documentation Files
  • 2 Files About Licensing
  • .zip archive and the extracted Sky Addons Plugin
  • Help file

Sky Addons Widgets

  1. Advanced Accordion – Advanced Accordion is the best and most powerful Widget for Elementor that creates an impressive accordion effect for your articles. It makes the accordion easy to customize. You can customize your Accordion with title, icon, menu, content, button color.
  2. Advanced Counter – We have developed an Advanced Counter Widget so that our users can display the records of their activities through a counter. Our Advanced Counter Widget will let you do so.
  3. Advanced Skills Bar​ – An Advanced Skills Bar elementor widget to create the skill bars that show complete information about your WordPress site.
  4. Advanced Slider – Advanced Slider is a powerful slider widget that combines all the power of Elementor with the flexibility of a traditional slider.
  5. Bar Chart – The bar chart is a powerful data visualization tool that can make your website more attractive and user-friendly. With Bar Chart, you can create interactive data visualizations with Elementor intuitively and quickly.
  6. Line Chart – Show your data in a fun and engaging way with Line Chart for Elementor. Integrate it with other Elementor plugins or add it on its own to your website.
  7. Pie & Doughnut Chart – The Pie and Doughnut Chart revolutionizes the way you can showcase your data. It’s a powerful data visualization tool that can make your website more attractive and user-friendly.
  8. Polar Area Chart – Use Polar Chart for Elementor! It’s the perfect solution to let your visitors explore and understand your data in an interactive data visualization. Polar charts can be easily integrated into your website using Elementor and are specially designed to suit your needs.
  9. Radar Chart – Introducing Radar Chart for Elementor, the most amazing and powerful chart plugin available for Elementor.
  10. Breadcrumbs – The Breadcrumbs Widget gives you access to all parts of your website with a single click. It features link creation and SEO-friendly breadcrumb creation options. It makes it easy to create a breadcrumb trail on your site by just adding a widget to your theme’s content area.
  11. Card – Elementor Card is a simple but powerful block to showcase a single piece of information in a clean and elegant way. Elementor card widget is the perfect tool to showcase your products, creative posts and news.
  12. Content Switcher – Presenting Content Switcher, the best solution to show multiple different contents with Sky Addons switcher. With Content Switcher, you can display multiple different kinds of content or sources.
  13. Dark Mode – With the Dark Mode Widget for Elementor, you can easily add a dark mode to your website in seconds and customize it to match your design. This is especially useful for those who are sensitive to light or want to make their site more modern-looking.
  14. Dual Button – The dual button widget is an elementor widget that has two custom buttons. Clicking on one of the buttons will trigger a custom action you have assigned to it.
  15. Image Compare – Image Compare is a great way to demo the differences between two images. It’s built with Elementor, so it has a ton of settings and can be used for a lot more than just image comparison.
  16. Info Box – The InfoBox Widget is a powerful tool to show additional information about any item you add to the page. It can be used in many different ways and it will suit any kind of website.
  17. List Group – The List Group widget allows you to create a beautiful hierarchical list of items. Each item in the List group is a separate paragraph element.
  18. Logo Carousel – Create a beautiful carousel for the website! With the Logo Carousel widget, you can create a beautiful customized widget for your website.
  19. Logo Grid – Sky Addons Logo Grid Widget is the best elementor widget for logo showcase. This widget has a clean design, many configurable options, and works with any WordPress theme.
  20. Number – A widget that displays numbers in a more interesting way. You can use it to display counters, prices or any other numerical value

Sky Addons Extensions and Features

  1. Advanced Tooltip – This is the best and most advanced tooltip widget for Elementor. It has a large set of options that allows you to customize the look, feel, and behavior of tooltips in any way you wish.
  2. Animated Gradient – The best way to give your web page a trending look with this Animated Gradient Background extensions for Elementor.
  3. Backdrop Filter – With just a few clicks, you can add professional glass effects to your website, perfect for any business.
  4. Confetti Effects – Get unlimited effects and features with the Confetti Effects extension for elementor. Use it to add an extra layer of visual interest to your websites. Create memorable moments with Confetti Effects!
  5. Floating Effects – Floating effects that add stunning visual and animation elements to your website. This means that you can create amazing effects that will amaze your users, without spending countless hours coding.
  6. Particle Effects – The most powerful particle effect widget on the market, with a lot of options and great performance. You can select from different particle effects or create your own. It’s easy to use and fast to render.
  7. Reveal Effects – Reveal Effects is a set of animation and effects for Elementor. This widget provides lot of customization options to make it work very close to your needs.
  8. Ripples Effect – This extension will allow you to create Water Drop effects on your website that you can imagine in seconds. Our Water Drop effect is easy to use and looks amazing.
  9. Custom Clip-Path – CustomClipPath extensions make it easy to cut out the parts of an image you want to make transparent. Save time and have more fun with CustomClipPath’s clip-path widget.
  10. Wrapper Link – The Wrapper Link widget is a helpful extension that will allow you to quickly insert any link you want into your content. With the simple copy-paste steps, you’ll be able to insert any link of your choice with ease.
  11. Equal Height – With this powerful and complete layout maker, you can easily create page layouts with an advanced control system. Page designs are automatically generated with the same height for all elements with just a few clicks.


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