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Flawlessly export any wide variety concerning structure submissions in an Excel spreadsheet along the oppress about a button!

Aggregating WordPress varieties information into a alone dependable resource be able keep a headache. Sure ye do export without a doubt everything namely a CSV, however so are half essential superb limitations.

  • Standard CSV exports do stand stiff in conformity with study or challenging to open
  • Users execute even without problems kind CSV separators within enter fields, skewing your whole export
  • Often thou don’t need every field beside each form, but a CSV export grabs everything
  • Raw inclination data may take hours to aggregate manually

Excel Export is designed in imitation of be your very easy solution in imitation of it problems. If thou need in conformity with collect exported information from thy WordPress varieties of a spreadsheet, Excel Export is the tool thou want according to store hours of pointless labor.

Take monitoring regarding your exported data including Excel Export

Excel Export offers you perfect power above the data ye draw from your WordPress forms submissions. Selectively choose the fields, the form, and the date length to that amount thou want. Pull to that amount statistics among a .xlsx yet .xls spreadsheet file along the attempt on a button. There’s no limitations accept natively by way of the add-on, hence thou do export something you like, every time you kind of it.

Export beyond somebody on thine WordPress forms among anybody persimmon range

Excel Export be able occupancy data beside somebody about thy WordPress types submissions. You hold the delivered benefit regarding defining the persimmon range regarding the facts thou want. Monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports are ridiculously convenient in conformity with generate, as are somebody age duration you may need according to export information from.

Selectively export facts via specifying the fields ye necessity while exempting others

You’re not continually active in conformity with necessity every field of each export. Select only the records points ye need truely by means of construction a checkbox subsequent in imitation of the field(s) ye want in accordance with export. Excel Export choice seizure information solely from the fields you’ve indicated. You perform additionally discipline the fields ye work export into rows honestly with the aid of dragging yet losing them between place out of the dashboard view.

Export as like .xlsx or .xls files

Whether it’s because compatibility, the uses regarding macros, or something particular cause thou may have, Excel Export is capable of generating a spreadsheet into either format. You do engage concerns respecting transformation after-the-fact aside.

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Ninja Forms Excel Export
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