MonsterInsights Facebook Instant Articles Addon

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Version:  Latest

Last Update: 10 Feb 2024 

Release Date:   1 Aug 2020

Uses: Unlimited Domain

Products Source: Original Authors.

Future Updates: One Year / Lifetime

License Type: GPL

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MonsterInsights Facebook Instant Articles Addon

Facebook Instant Articles for WordPress

In only one click, accurately measure Facebook traffic with no coding required.

Properly Track Facebook Instant Articles

Simply enable the Facebook Instant Article addon and our plugin will automatically track all instant article views inside Google Analytics. There is no need to configure any settings, it just works.

See Which Content is Working Best

Once you know what to measure, it’s easy to increase 2x your traffic and clicks! With accurate Facebook Article tracking, you’ll be able to:
  • See which posts are the most popular on Facebook
  • What topics and formats work best with Facebook
  • Which content your audience ignores
  • And more!

MonsterInsights Is The #1 WordPress Analytics Plugin

See why over 3,000,000+ websites use MonsterInsights

  • WP Analytics Dashboard

    Easily see the stats and reports that matter right inside your WordPress dashboard.

  • EU Compliance (GDPR)

    Assist with Google Analytics compliance for GDPR and other privacy regulations like CCPA, PIPEDA and PECR.

  • Enhanced eCommerce

    One-click setup to instantly see detailed performance of your WooCommerce or other WordPress eCommerce store.

  • Page Level Analytics

    Analyze every page on your website so that you can optimize your user experience.

  • Powerful Tracking

    Unleash the full power of Google Analytics by tracking user engagement and activity.

  • Custom Dimensions

    View your data in a whole new way by tracking users, authors, SEO keywords, and much more.

  • Performance & Optimization

    Monitor Web Vitals and automatically configure Google Analytics for optimal site performance.


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