Gravity Forms Timed Entries Addon

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Last Update: 14 Feb 2024 

Release Date:  9 May 2020

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Future Updates: One Year / Lifetime

License Type: GPL

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Gravity Forms Timed Entries Addon

Time your Gravity Forms quiz/form entries and set a time limit and multiple timed actions! Add time limits for quiz/form completion with auto submission or blocked editing on a timer and record quiz/form completion times. Hide, show, or block editing of form fields and page elements, and alert messages to the user at custom times or when the form timer expires. The plugin can optionally show the user timers which count up or down for the total entry time.

Gravity Forms Timed Entries is an Add-On for Gravity Forms, and works as a great companion to our encryption and input formatting add-on plugins for Gravity Forms.

See Full Feature List Below!

If you have a quiz or form that needs a time limit and/or that you would like to know the amount of time it took to complete, this is the plugin for you! Entry timer fields can be visible to the user or hidden, and at custom times or when the time limit is reached, you can show the user custom messages, hide and/or display page elements, and either redirect the page, block further editing, or auto submit the quiz/form as is



Entry Timer fields record the total amount of time taken to complete a quiz/form. This can be set to save either the hours, minutes, and seconds or set to only save only total hours, total minutes or total seconds.

-Individual Page Timers can record the time the user has spent on specific form pages (currently AJAX enabled Gravity Forms only).

-Quiz/Forms can have time limits set for entry time.

-Can capture/copy the current elapsed or remaining time from a timer field to a text field when the user clicks on a specified element/field (currently limited to single implementation per form).

-Custom user alert message when entry time limit expires. This can also be used to only give user a message after a certain amount of time without blocking or submitting the form.

-Quiz/Forms can be auto submitted on time limit expiration (read “Important Notes” below).

-Quiz/Forms editing can be blocked on time limit expiration (read “Important Notes” below).

-Ability to specify certain fields which are not blocked from further editing/upload etc when blocking editing of form on a time limit.

-Ability to hide the form timers and only display/start them once a given form/quiz page is visited.

-Ability to redirect the form to a custom URL without submitting the form when time limit is reached.

-Hide, show, or block editing of form fields and page elements, and alert messages to the user at custom times or when the form timer expires.

-Entry timer fields clock display can be hidden or visible to the user.

-Entry timer fields can be excluded from the submited quiz/form data.

-Timers count up or down.

-Option to show main form timer above form on every page with custom text.

-Custom text option for ALL entry timer countdown timers and main form timer when time limit is reached.

-Timers are backed by a custom server time check interval to avoid users cheating with system time changes.

-Options to customize text for ‘Hours’, ‘Minutes’, and ‘Seconds’ for all entry timers (timer displays support any language).

 Option to remove the time text when saving only total hours, total minutes, or total seconds.

 Timers can be styled using CSS (through your theme or custom CSS).

-Simple “System Check” to be sure your system meets plugin requirements.

 Inline and/or tooltip documentation for every option and setting.

 Automatic updates and available update notifications through the free Envato Market plugin.

-Filters for developers to modify the form time limit and additional timed events based on what they would like per user.

-Setup instructions are on the plugin settings page and directly inline with plugin options and tooltips for users to be up and running in a couple minutes.

Imprtant Notes: The “Block Editing” and “Auto Submit” functionality of this plugin are best suited and intended for single page ajax enabled quizes/forms with NO required fields where users cannot enter invalid data into fields that would block normal submission or could be malicious. However, the functionality of these options will work on multi page and non ajax enabled forms as well. You can also specify certain fields that will NOT be blocked from editing when blocking form editing on the time limit. The “Auto Submit” feature achieves submission by bypassing all required fields and field data validation and is intended for single page quizes/forms where there is no possible custom user input such as open text fields or text areas that could be invalid or malicious. The “Block Editing” feature does not bypass validation but is intended for the same quiz/form types where any already entered data could not potentially be invalid and prevent the user from submitting.


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