Grand Restaurant WordPress Theme

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Version:  6.7.1

Last Update: 11 Feb 2024 

Release Date: 18 Jan 2020

Uses: Unlimited Domain

Products Source: Original Authors.

Future Updates: One Year / Lifetime

License Type: GPL

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Grand Restaurant WordPress Theme

Grand Restaurant Theme Overview

Grand Restaurant is a clean and modern WordPress theme for Cafe & Restaurant and any food related business web site. Built with the latest WordPress technology. Grand Restaurant support responsive layout so it looks great on all devices. It has predefined styling for Modern Cuisine Restaurant, Asian Food Restaurant and Elegant Food Restaurant which can be imported with one click.


Make Money out of your online menu

  • WooCommerce Start your food delivery service quickly with WooCommerce Plugin. We support both online & offline payment options.
  • Direct Purchase link option support for each menu Increase your online selling by offering the link of direct purchase for each menu to your customers. Customers just click the purchase link of each menu they would like to order.

Display Your Restaurant Professionally

  • Food Menu Layouts Inspired We provided unique layouts displaying food menu including classic food menu inspired which link you can see on actual restaurant.
  • Google Maps Style & Multiple Locations Changing Goodgle Maps color scheme easy using styling from snazzymaps. Also, multiple maps & locations are supported in this theme.
  • Reservation Options We provided flexible reservations options; for instance, by email form, custom URL or OpenTable.

Various Options for getting started

  • Awesome 6 Predefined Demos Get your website working in short time with our pre-defined 6 demos.
  • Only One Click for Importing Demo Contents Quickly and easily import our demo contents including pages, posts, sliders, widgets, theme options and other settings with only one click.
  • 6 Blog Templates Multiple single blog post layouts are the powerful features to use in different purposes. Post content is flexible to display with images, gallery slider show or with other video source ex. Youtube, Vimeo, and self-hosted video Also, blog post support various content including photo, gallery, video, soundcloud etc.
  • 3 Menu Layouts with 3 menu styles and various customizable options so you can easily create your own menu design.
  • 4 Contact Templates with various layouts for contact form, google maps & styling so you can easily create contact page.
  • Boxed & Wide Layout Effortlessly select the boxed and wide layout in live customizer which reflect the result back to you instantly.
  • Live Search With visitor focus, we’ve included the instance search to help visitors search for partial queries or provide some interactive feedback. Only one click is required to enable instance search and search form in header of side menu.

Amazing Builder

  • Intuitive Live Content Builder Keynote app-like interface with live preview so anyone can create beautiful page easily. This Content Builder includes both Live Mode and Classic Mode. For Live Mode, you can see the results of change instantly. But if you familiar with our builder, you can work with Classic Mode to develop faster.
    • Easy to Use Keynote-like interface Intuitive content builder with keynote app-like interface. Clear overview content inspector and preview changes instantly.
    • Add & Manage Contents Visually Instead of showing icon, when you select contents to add to page, it display screenshot of content visually.
    • Responsive Preview See and Work with responsive layout instantly within content builder.
    • Drag & Drop Content Builder Create your multiple layouts in a single page without touching theme code by dragging and dropping our various pre-defined content modules including gallery, blog, testimonials and etc. Let’s try the powerful built-in builder.
    • Save as Template Page can be saved as template in order to apply to new pages. This saves time to develop new page.
  • Fully integrated with WordPress Customizer Modify Appearance settings in a live preview. No matter what you change elements colors, background, typography, layout type, text or images, you will see the results instantly. Test Drive
    • Develop your website to be responsive easily. Just only one click in Live Customizer to show the results in responsive view including on laptops, tablet or mobile phone.
    • Styled Typography in Live Preview Over 500+ Google Fonts are included with all styles and Font changes will be shown in live preview via Customizer. You can change font size, style, color using without touching code.
      • Easily set different typography of Main Content Font Family, Main Content Font Size, H1-H6 Font Family, H1-H6 Font Weight and H1-H6 Font Size.
      • Also, easily set Button Font Family.
      • Moreover, simply set dissimilar typography of Menu Font Family, Menu Font Size, Menu Font Weight, Menu Font Spacing and Menu Font Text Transform.
      • Besides, effortlessly change SubMenu Font Size, SubMenu Font Weight, SubMenu Font Spacing, and Menu Font Text Transform (None, Uppercase, Lowercase, and Capitalize).
      • In addition, easily change Mega Menu Header Font Size.
      • Also, simply change Side Menu Font Family, Side Menu Font Size and Side Menu Font Text Transform.
      • Moreover, effortlessly change Page Title Font Size, Page Title Font Weight, Page Title Font Spacing, Page Title Font Spacing and Page Title Text Transform (None, Uppercase, Lowercase, Capitalize)
      • Also, effortlessly set Page Title Mixed Font Family, Content Builder Header Font Size, and Content Builder Header Text Transform.
      • Furthermore, easily change Page Title Font Size, Page Tagline Font Weight, Page Tagline Font Spacing and Page Tagline Text Transform (None, Uppercase, Lowercase, Capitalize)
      • Last but not least, easily change Widget Title Font Family, Widget Title Font Size, Widget Title Font Weight, Widget Title Font Spacing and Widget Title Text Transform (None, Uppercase, Lowercase, Capitalize)
    • Image Options Right Click and Image Dragging Protection can easily enable only one click.
    • Amazing Backgrounds Easily applying images, patterns and colors in background of your site. Also, various repeat options are available.
      • Simply dissimilar Main Content Background, Background Image, Background Repeat and Background Position.
      • Also, easily change Input and Textarea Background Color and Sharing Button Background Color.
      • Besides, simply set varying background of Menu Background Color, Menu Background Image, Menu Background Repeat, Menu Background Size, Menu Background Attachment and Menu Background Position
      • Also, easily change Sub Menu Hover State Background Color, Sub Menu Background Color, Top Bar Background Color, and Search Input Background Color.
      • Simply set Side Menu Background Color, Side Menu Background Repeat, Side Menu Background Size, Side Menu Background Attachment and Side Menu Background Position as well as browse Side Menu Background Image.
      • Moreover, only one click is required to add blur effect to header background image when scrolling pass it.
      • Also, simply change Page Header Background Color
      • In addition, effortlessly change Page Title with Background Image Height in percentage.
      • Easily set different background of Footer Background Color, Footer Background Repeat, Footer Background Size, Footer Background Attachment, and Footer Background Position.
      • Furthermore, easily set Footer Background Image by just browsing the image.
    • Unlimited Colors Easily control your elements colors of your website using color picker
      • Simply set Main Content Background Color, Page Content Font Color, Page Content Link Color, Page Content Hover Link Color, H1-H6 Font Color, Horizontal Line Color and Food Menu Highlight Color.
      • Easily set different colors of Input and Textarea Background Color, Input and Textarea Font Color, Input and Textarea Border Color, Input and Textarea Focus State Color, Button Background Color, Button Font Color, Button Border Color.
      • Also, set Sharing Button Background Color and Sharing Button Icon Color with ease.
      • Moreover, simply set unlike color of Menu Font Color, Menu Hover State Font Color, Menu Active State Font Color and Menu Bar Border Color.
      • Also, change Menu Background Color with ease.
      • Besides, effortlessly set Sub Menu Font Color, Sub Menu Hover State Font Color, Sub Menu Hover State Background Color, Sub Menu Background Color, and Sub Menu Border Color
      • Easily change Mega Menu Border Color.
      • Top Bar Background Color, Top Bar Menu Font Color, Top Bar Social Icon Color can be changed easily
      • Effortlessly change Search Input Background Color and Search Input Font Color.
      • Simply set Side Menu Background Color, Side Menu Font Color, and Side Menu Hover State Font Color.
      • Simply change Page Header Background Color, Page Title Font Color, Content Builder Header Line Separator Color, and Page Tagline Font Color.
      • Easily change Sidebar Font Color, Sidebar Link Color, Sidebar Hover Link Color and Sidebar Widget Title Font Color.
      • Easily change Page Footer Background Color, Footer Font Color, Footer Link Color, Footer Hover Link Color, Footer Border Color, and Footer Social Icon Color.


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