Gift Wrapper for WooCommerce Plugin – Best Free Woo Order Gift Wrapping Plugin

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Version:  5.5.0

Last Update: 29 Feb 2024 

Release Date:  23 Jan 2022

Uses: Unlimited Domain

Products Source: Original Authors.

Future Updates: One Year / Lifetime

License Type: GPL

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Gift Wrapper for WooCommerce Plugin



The Gift Wrapper treats your wrapping service as a WooCommerce product, allowing it to be inventoried, priced, and taxed separately. Create and offer as many gift wraps as you like, where you like. Not just for gift wrap – use Gift Wrapper for any (inventoriable, taxable and/or discountable) cart add-ons! Examples: add condiments to a food order, or accessories to an electronics order. If you need more features and functionality such as per-product wrap options, check out the PLUS version of The Gift Wrapper from Sagehen Studio (not to be confused with a similarly-named but different plugin sold by Woocommerce since March 2020).


  • Create a simple gift wrap (or other add-on type) option form on the cart and/or checkout page, or go all out with robust gift wrapping offerings
  • Set individual prices, descriptions, and images for wrapping types
  • Wrap can be inventoried, discounted and/or taxed like other WooCommerce products
  • Show or hide gift wrap images in cart/checkout
  • Static (slide-down) or modal view of gift wrap options on cart and checkout pages
  • Get notice of the customer’s intended gift wrap message on email order notification and on the order page – customer also receives confirmation on receipt
  • Fully CSS-tagged and templated for your customizing pleasure
  • Keep in mind the paid version of this plugin (Gift Wrapper PLUS for WooCommerce) has WAYYYYYY more features and likely does what you need!
  • If you have suggestions for other features, or find a bug, please get in touch.

PLUS (paid version) features

Per-product gift wrapping modal/slideout options on product pages, or a simple per-product “add gift wrap for $x” checkbox
Per-product wrap can appear as product attribute or as separate line item (for separate taxes, inventory etc) in cart.
Add different gift wrap products to each item in cart, if desired
Add more than one wrap products to any item in the cart, if desired
Add/edit/and remove gift wrap to/from products inside cart, per-product
Control ratio of product:wrap in cart line-item wrap offerings
Exclude products from wrap, and/or exclude entire product categories from wrap
Per-product gift wrapping settings
If using modal(s), option to use any of 1500+ possible entrance/exit animations, courtesy animate.css
Compatible with WooCommerce Mix and Match Products and WooCommerce Composite Products
Elementor Pro widget


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