GamiPress Notifications – WordPress Gpl Plugin

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Version: 1.5.1

Last Update: 15 Mar 2024 

Release Date: 19 Jan 2023

Uses: Unlimited Domain

Products Source: Original Authors.

Future Updates: One Year / Lifetime

License Type: GPL

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GamiPress Notifications

  • Notifications give you the ability to live notify to your users about new achievements, steps, points awards, points deductions, ranks and/or rank requirements completion.
  • While your users are interacting with your site, they will get notified without refresh the page when an action gives them something related to GamiPress.
  • Also, you can configure text patterns to show as example the user name to make notifications more personalized.

GamiPress Notifications Features

  • Ability to live to notify your users about new achievements, steps, points awards, ranks, and/or rank requirements completion.
  • Ability to selectively disable which notify your users.
  • Ability to position the notification in 8 different positions.
  • Ability to set the lifetime of new notifications.
  • Ability to enable the click to hide on notifications.
  • Customizable notification sound effects.
  • Easy controls to customize the background and text colors of notifications.
  • Ability to enable the notification auto-hide and the delay to perform it.
  • Ability to disable live notifications checks making notifications work just on page load.
  • Ability to configure each notification title pattern.
  • Ability to configure the achievements look (the thumbnail, earners, steps, etc).
  • Ability to configure the ranks look (the thumbnail, earners, requirements, etc).
  • Integrated with the official add-ons that add new content to achievements and ranks.


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