Export Order Items Pro for WooCommerce Plugin

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Version:  2.1.21

Last Update: 12 Feb 2024 

Release Date:  23 Jan 2022

Uses: Unlimited Domain

Products Source: Original Authors.

Future Updates: One Year / Lifetime

License Type: GPL

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Export Order Items Pro for WooCommerce Plugin

Export orders from your WooCommerce store with advanced sorting options into multiple formats, on-demand. Simplify order fulfillment, quickly download order details, and save time generating accounting reports with Export Order Items Pro.


  •  Simple order sorting for pulling specific purchase information
  • Date range selector with common presets or custom start and end date and time
  • Presets let you save your export settings and reuse your reports
  • Set the data fields that you want to be included in the report
  • Filter by order status (Pending Payment, Processing, Completed, Cancelled, etc.)
  • Use conditional logic with dynamic fields for sorting reports
  • Export order reports by user role
  • Export all sales or sort by category, tag, product ID, and included field
  • Exclude or include free items, refunds, and shipping information
  • Set what shows on your reports including custom fields, order line item, and variation
  • Change the names and order of fields in the report
  • Export in CSV, CSV-ASCII, XLS, XLSX, HTML, and HTML Enhanced formats
  • Customize your report layout with dynamic titles, additional rows, how decimals display, and conditional sorting

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