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Version: Latest

Last Update: 7 Feb 2024

Release Date: 15 Mar 2020

Uses: Unlimited Domain

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Future Updates: One Year / Lifetime

License Type: GPL

AffiliateWP – Direct Link Tracking

Direct Link Tracking permits affiliates after hyperlink without delay in conformity with you website without the necessity for an affiliate link.

This is a major incentive for you affiliates, then may additionally help gain you more money.

If a tourist acknowledges an group link at the same time as about an affiliate’s site, they’ll be aware of the arm pleasure achieve a commission condition those click on so much link then purchase you product. In partial instances, an affiliate hyperlink can also accomplish a tourist skeptical over thine web site content, then she won’t click on the link. A dynamic consumer turned afar with the aid of an group hyperlink may want to mangy a ignored sale because ye (and a overlooked fee because of your affiliate).

By the usage of Direct Link Tracking, site visitors wish remain definitely strange about someone group links, notably growing the gamble over clicking a link in conformity with you site then current concerning in accordance with full a purchase. You’ll keep colorful due to the fact thou get greater sales, and your associates will stand happy due to the fact that earn greater commission.

Use Direct Link Tracking for:

An extended chance because greater sales
Visitors won’t understand it are clicking over part links.

Happier and extra motivated affiliates
Since there’s no part link, affiliates bear a higher danger of incomes a commission, or they’ll labor more difficult to arrive it. Visitors can’t copy or paste the link in a instant eyelet then lift theirs tracking parameters, because even are none!

Enhanced SEO
Links according to your website online do no longer comprise some section parameters, then that choice be extra SEO-friendly.

How does Direct Link Tracking work?

When the Direct Link Tracking add-on is activated, affiliates choice remain in a position to unite their area (or domains) in theirs Affiliate Area over thine site. Once it have facing a area because of approval, or that is elect by the website online administrator, the branch perform hyperlink immediately to thine site, beyond theirs, except the use of their referral link.

When a tourist clicks the hyperlink regarding the affiliate’s internet site yet arrives on you site, the area is seemed above among the database. If the area belongs in accordance with an affiliate, to that amount affiliate’s ID is saved into the browser’s cookies, simply kind of a everyday section link.

If the patron after goes concerning according to whole a buy (or a conversion), a referral pleasure lie built for the affiliate.


  1. Dedicated “Direct Links” screen: Adds a “Direct Links” area in imitation of the WordPress admin for a complete overview or effortless management about whole prescribe hyperlink monitoring domains
  2. Domain approval: An branch can’t get commission or link directly in imitation of thy web page unless you sanction theirs domain
  3. Enable globally then per-affiliate: Enable Direct Link Tracking regarding a international then per-affiliate level
  4. Maximum quantity of domains: Set the range on domains an branch may put to of a global then per-affiliate level
  5. Change domain status: Approve, reject, delete, or accomplish advise links indolent beyond the medium “Direct Links” admin screen
  6. Easily manage your affiliate’s domains: Add, update, approve, reject or delete prescribe links because of you affiliates, appropriate beyond the WordPress admin.
  7. Email notifications: Send an electronic mail notification to the site conductor when a current area has been submitted because aegis or ship an e-mail notification in imitation of the branch so theirs domain has been elected then rejected.
  8. Blacklist domains: Add domains in accordance with the area blacklist according to forestall to them beside wight added, and also forestall a go to out of animal stored salvo it are meanwhile of use.

Important Note

  • There are definitive internet browsers, certain as much Safari on iOS, so bear greater restrictions. For example, so an affiliate’s web site is the use of http:// or your web site is the use of https://, your web site may additionally not good realize the prescribe branch traffic. There is a workaround, however, up to expectation ye be able educate your associates after request in conformity with theirs internet site in imitation of assure that manufactory properly. See it file for more manifest information: Direct Link Tracking trubleshooting


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