Design Upgrade Integration For LearnDash

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Version: Latest

Last Update: 31 Jan 2024

Release Date: 10 May 2021

Uses: Unlimited Domain

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Future Updates: One Year / Lifetime

License Type: GPL

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LearnDash Design Upgrade Integration


LearnDash is a powerful learning management system (LMS) for managing your online courses, but there are some areas where the design falls short. In order to provide your students with an exceptional learning experience, you need a professional design.


Design Upgrade for LearnDash completely redesigns every aspect of LearnDash so that it closely resembles your existing WordPress theme. No settings or custom code. Just activate & enjoy!


We’ll automatically detect whether you’re using the “LearnDash 3.0” or “Legacy” template, and assign styles appropriately. If you’re still running LearnDash 2.x, all of the same design upgrades that you’ve always enjoyed will still be there.

See below for a list of what’s new.


Tested with LearnDash 4.1

  • Global: Larger clickable areas for all course content, navigation & Focus Mode areas
  • Buttons: All buttons have matching rounded corners & increased font size
  • Font Sizes: These will now be inherited from your theme, which should increase your font sizes across the board
  • Focus Mode: Improved sidebar tray design, Course Sections, shadow added to mobile menu, collapse arrow flips to show current menu state, and more.
  • Focus Mode: Top navigation bar received several small improvements
  • Focus Mode: Improved styles for Focus Mode comments, which were added in LearnDash 3.1
  • Animations: Subtle animations for LearnDash tooltips & the Focus Mode top menu
  • Profile: Several styles were improved & standardized
  • Login/Registration: Unified styles for all form fields
  • Course Grid: Equal height columns & other small tweaks
  • WisdmLabs Ratings, Reviews & Feedback design upgrades
  • Design improvements for WisdmLabs’ LearnDash Group Registration plugin
  • Improved print styles


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