Beaver Builder Ultimate Addon

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Product Details

Version: 1.35.22

Last Update: 22June 2024

Release Date: 10 Mar 2020

Uses: Unlimited Domain

Products Source: Original Authors.

Future Updates: One Year / Lifetime

License Type: GPL

Beaver Builder Ultimate Addon

Ultimate Addons is a top rate development for Beaver Builder so much provides 30+ modules, 100+ templates and manufactory about top over any Beaver Builder Package. You may use that with on anybody WordPress theme.

Transform you productiveness including customized Beaver Builder modules and templates. Simply drag, fall yet build websites within document time!

Custom Modules

Various custom modules as Row Separator, Modal Popup, Advanced Posts Grid.

Row Sections

Readily handy Row Templates then sections after bring together then build pages quickly.

Page Templates

Professionally designed pages about demand, at once out of our Template Cloud.

  • New Additions
    • Modal Popup
    • Photo Gallery
    • Ribbon
  • Creative Modules
    • Info Circle
    • Dual Button
    • Counter
    • Interactive Banner 2
    • Fancy Text
    • Row Separator
    • Creative Link
    • Image Separator
    • Flip Box
    • Slide Box
    • Dual Color Heading
    • Progress Bar
    • iHover
    • Advanced Separator
  • Content Modules
    • Simple Separator
    • Advanced Tabs
    • Team
    • Price Box
    • Advanced Posts
    • Info Banner
    • Info List
    • Info Box
    • Info Table
    • Advanced Accordion
    • Interactive Banner 1
    • Advanced Icons
    • Image / Icon
    • List Icon
    • Testimonials
    • Heading
    • Photo Gallery
    • Photo
    • Google Map
  • Lead Generation
    • Call To Action
    • MailChimp Form
    • Contact Form
    • Modal Popup
    • Ribbon
    • Button


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