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Last Update: 7 Feb 2024

Release Date: 15 Mar 2020

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AffiliateWP – Affiliate Landing Pages

Affiliate Landing Pages allows thou to create devoted touchdown pages for your affiliates, as they do promote without the usage of an branch link.

Create and commend a committed landing page

With Affiliate Landing Pages, you be able currently effect or assign a devoted touchdown page (page yet post) to each arm (or even according to secure special affiliates). This touchdown web page could display detailed facts in regard to the affiliate, show content material precise after them, exhibit content published by means of them, or without a doubt some thing thou want! Potentially the near beautiful thing of Affiliate Landing Pages is its utterly seamless integration including WordPress and the non-existence WordPress editor. Simply construct a landing page and assign that in conformity with an affiliate. Easy!

No section hyperlink required!

Some humans are extremely good at spotting an affiliate link. They delay on the hyperlink or appear at the URL in the browser repute bar. This is greater common than ye think; humans like to know where so link is taking them! Some branch hyperlinks be able seem to be “sketchy” then are packed including long query strings then random characters. Other humans really don’t kind of clicking about part hyperlinks at all, understanding so any individual is operable in conformity with acquire a commission condition he figure out in accordance with purchase.

When a brawny client chooses no longer to click an part link, it potential a neglected sale chance because of you. Why take the chance?

By the usage of Affiliate Landing Pages, even is no affiliate link between sight. Potential clients are greater possibly in accordance with click on the hyperlink yet purchase beside thy site.

How does Affiliate Landing Pages work?

Affiliate Landing Pages approves ye in imitation of give anybody web page yet publish in accordance with an affiliate. This is committed by way of a current metabox called Affiliate Landing Pages:

Once the landing page is assigned in accordance with an affiliate, the group may since promote the landing page’s URL without wanting in accordance with usage their section link.

When a dynamic patron clicks the link and arrives on the landing page, the affiliate’s ID is stored within a cookie. If the client purchases, the group whoever referred them intention get hold of a commission. This factory precisely like standard tracking between AffiliateWP.


For the similar examples, let’s faux for a second up to expectation thine website is and thou bear an group named Sasha.

Example 1: Guest blogging

Sasha writes a visitor post for thy internet site titled “5 approaches it manufacture pleasure improve thine life”.

Naturally, WordPress creates a greater efficient slug based about the publish entitle (note the missing words). The URL about the put up is:

Next we’ll deliver the post in imitation of Sasha by the Affiliate Landing Pages metabox:

Sasha do in modern times civilize the URL throughout associative media, email, focused ad campaigns, websites… somewhere he wants, all except wanting according to makes use of her arm link!

Example 2: Brand ambassador pages

Sasha is a company ambassador for thy website. You gender a instant web page because her titled “Sasha”:

Sasha perform now promote the URL of

Example 3: One part namely an distinctive group because your product

You would possibly determine as Sasha have to stand an unique section because of thine latter product. You propagate a instant web page titled “My Awesome Product” (replace together with real exceptional production name) or relinquish it according to her:

Sasha perform at last honor the URL of

Example 4: Multiple affiliates so exceptional associates because your product

You may determine so much more than one affiliates need to each hold theirs own dedicated landing page for the my-awesome-product product. Since you be able solely entrust every page to one affiliate, ye would beget (and assign) a child page for eachaffiliate.

Sasha perform in modern times raise a URL of

The examples above are just some of the methods ye might makes use of Affiliate Landing Pages. Because it integrates seamlessly with WordPress, you can design you touchdown pages the road you’re nearly familiar with, whether or not it’s through you theme’s default web page templates and page builder. Add the affiliate’s name, photo, smartphone number, the desire is yours!

Key features

  • Easily consign anybody touchdown web page in accordance with an affiliate: Search because associates through username, renown yet e mail address. Partial searches execute also remain used.
  • Assign more than one touchdown pages in conformity with an affiliate: Affiliates can have extra than one touchdown page assigned to them.
  • Display landing pages after affiliates: Affiliates perform recommend every landing pages assigned in accordance with to them out of the Affiliate URLs tab of the Affiliate Area. You may additionally display landing pages after the section using the [affiliate_landing_pages]shortcode.
  • Design you touchdown pages as like you’re ancient to: Affiliate Landing Pages seamlessly integrates together with WordPress hence ye may use the tools you’re most familiar together with after build you landing pages.


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