Actionable Google Analytics for WooCommerce

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Version: 3.6

Last Update: 10 Feb 2024 

Release Date: 10 Jan 2020

Uses: Unlimited Domain

Products Source: Original Authors.

Future Updates: One Year / Lifetime

License Type: GPL

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Actionable Google Analytics for WooCommerce

Our Plugin tracks similar Custom Dimensions & Metrics into your GA

Custom Dimensions:

  • Stock Status: Learn whether or not the manufacture is of inventory or abroad about stock. Keeping tune on abroad regarding stock products wish prevent ye from acquiring visitors about the outdoors concerning inventory manufacture URLs.
  • Page Type: Identifies the type over the page. Example – Category Page, Product Page, etc. Helps thou in imitation of compare the performance concerning unique website online sections.
  • Product Discount: Getting Discount statistics among GA can virtually help thou of strategizing the reductions via examining the have an effect on it is causing regarding the manufacture require yet other solution metrics
  • Payment Method: Get insights among as Payment approach (paypal, savings card, etc) is just famous because thine store, which generates greater AOV yet Transactions
  • Shipping City & Billing city: Integrates the billing city & delivery city information without delay within you GA. It Helps ye analyze as regards production demand using insights over Shipping & billing cities.
  • Weekday: Learn whether or not a transactions was once whole on weekday/ weekend. Helps you among evaluating Weekdays v/s Weekend Performance
  • Local timeslot of the day: Learn the provincial time trail throughout which most transactions occurs over thine store. This can help thou improve your advertising things to do across special Geo locations.
  • User Type: Using this custom Dimension thou desire stay able in conformity with characterize customers based totally concerning their checkout method. It will assist you apprehend the famous checkout method regarding thine store.
  • Sequence at Product Page: Tracks the sequel in which merchandise pages are viewed of a session. It will assign ye the idea so to which merchandise are considered execute stand provided so a quantity on recommendation.
  • Add in conformity with Cart Button Position: The consonant dosage helps you understand how much ‘Add in accordance with Cart’ button’s function influences your CTR. Compare ‘Add in imitation of Cart’ buttons position upstairs the folding & beneath the board in conformity with bust necessary diagram decisions.
  • on Product among Stock: Using that custom degree you intention stand capable to examine the stock arrival regarding the product correct among your Google Analytics. Understand how much displaying stock volume on the products is impacting its sales.
  • Time Taken to fulfill Purchase: Learn the day performed by using users according to perform purchase after landing about you store. It pleasure help ye make real day affords according to users.
  • Time Take according to conjoin Product in imitation of Add in accordance with Cart: Learn the age done by means of customers to conjoin manufacture to cart since arriving on the production page. Insights generated out of the records wish assist you strategize the promotional offers.
  • Product Size: Track the volume over the product within Google Analytics. This intention assist ye analyze the production income between terms of its size.
  • Product Review Count: Learn no. about reviews supplied by means of users because every product. It choice assist ye recognize the intercourse within animadversion be counted & product demand.
  • Product Review Score: Learn common criticism score because of every manufacture into Google Analytics. Understand if a review score about a product will increase the conversion dimensions yet not? Additionally, examine the overall performance concerning merchandise together with mean criticism rating & high stricture score.

Custom Metrics:

  • Total financial price on products viewed: Learn volume economic cost of product seen by using a person of a singular session. It helps you apprehend amount financial charge over products users typically view & as value on product those stop up buying.
  • No concerning clicks regarding Category Pages & Product Pages: Tracks numbers concerning clicks as happens regarding Category Page & Product Page. It helps thou after recognize the consumer engagement.

New Functionality as like care of GDPR compliance

  • Google Analytics opt-out Feature: This function gives website site visitors according to stop theirs statistics beyond animal back by way of Google Analytics As through the GDPR compliance
  • Client ID Tracking: Use it feature in accordance with gather patron identification (for remarketing) beside you internet site of thine Google Analytics account. It’s really helpful to update thine privateness coverage including the comply chastity in conformity with reach the customer identification about the visitors
  • Plugin Privacy Policy: As through the GDPR compliance, ye need in conformity with receive the privateness policy of the plugin

Installation Instruction

  • Download the plugin ”.zip” beside CodeCanyon (Use the choice ” All Files & Documentation” out of the drop-down)
  • Log of you WooCommerce Store namely Admin & Upload the Zip File among you plugin section
  • Activate the Plugin
  • Enter you License Purchase code because of user verification
  • Enable the features you wish in imitation of track
  • Accept the Privacy Policy about the Plugin & plugin intention begin accumulating the data among Google Analytics


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