Instantify – PWA & Google AMP & Facebook IA

Instantify combines Progressive Web Apps (PWA), Accelerated Mobile Pages (Google AMP), Facebook Instant Articles (FBIA) and works them together to make your WordPress website instant, installable, accessible, offline usable, push notifications supported, preferred in Google search results and Facebook News Feed & much more…


Feature-rich and Customizable Instant Web Apps in WordPress

Convert your WordPress website into an instant web app by simply activating Instantify. It will empower and enhance your website with all the necessary features that needs to be implemented in order to take the user experience to next level with the future of the mobile web.

Improve Performance

Your website gets faster and lighter by preloading PWA from AMP pages and using the browser side asset caching for serving assets in a correct way.

Boost Traffic and SEO

Google AMP pages are prioritized in their search algorithms and have a positive on search engine results pages (SERP).

Increase Revenue and Sales

PWA and AMP see an average +72% increase in sales conversions and 3X more time spent on pages which means more CTR on your advertisements. Also you will be able to run Facebook advertisements on your Instant Article pages with the Facebook Audience Network.

Get More Social Engagement

Facebook Instant Articles are 70% less likely to be abandoned by the reader and they get 3X more shares than regular articles, amplifying the reach of your stories in Facebook News Feed.


Why Instantify?

  • 1. One plugin but three services

    Instantify combines 3 major features together – Progressive Web Apps (PWA), Accelerated Mobile Pages (Google AMP) and Facebook Instant Articles (FBIA). It is the only available solution that has everything you need to implement each of them in the best way possible in WordPress.

  • 2. No costs for additional mobile apps

    With Instantify you don’t need standalone mobile app developments and app store commissions as your website will get installable directly from the browser as a native app by simply tapping on add to home screen button. Any of your website visitors will be your potential web app user and Instantify implements the best strategies to make your users install your website.

  • 3. Most feature-rich PWA

    PWAs made by Instantify is the most advanced, stable, Google compliant and feature-rich. Instantify is using modern web APIs and Google recommendations in building PWAs, so that they look and feel like a true native app with the all possible functionality that browsers support.

  • 4. Automatic AMP & FBIA

    Instantify is implementing AMP and FBIA features fully automatically, without any technical help. It will automatically generate corresponding AMP pages for all of your content and index them to Google, so that your website will be eligible for AMP search features in Google search results. Also it fully automates RSS Feed generation process which Facebook requires to pull your stories from the website to your Facebook page.

  • 5. Built-in analytics and support

    Instantify’s amazing admin panel provides built-in analytics, statuses, warnings and notices which you can see on Overview tab. It also includes support section with FAQ and integrated support ticket system in case you’ll need any help. We understand all the importance of product support for our customers. That’s why we are ready to solve all your issues and answer any questions related to our plugin.

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Instantify – PWA & Google AMP & Facebook IA for WordPress
  • Version: 7.6
  • 1 Year Of Updates
  • Quality Checked by wp99
  • Use on Unlimited Own & Client Site
  • 100% GPL License
  • 342 Sales
  • 1 Ratings
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