YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards Premium

Have thou evermore had the disagreeable feeling concerning grudging to discover a current because someone, however no longer understanding where according to buy? 99% regarding the time, to that amount sort regarding ambiguity stops your customers beyond finishing theirs order.

The same occurs of your shop. Customers come in imitation of purchase a present, browse the catalogue within ask because of an idea, but that are now not definitive respecting where the receiver would like nearly yet have many doubts: how much does the refund coverage action in action the manufacture is now not properly received? Or if the greatness was not the correct one? And what happens condition that did not take place on time?


A discipline by using the Nielsen Norman Group of a sample of humans whichever typically purchases about the net has standardized up to expectation now those get hold of a present, they admire such more condition such is of the shape of a gift card.

A present visiting card makes lifestyles because both thine customer and the individual who receives it a tussock easier. This is the cause why gift playing cards hold come to be greater then more popular, in imitation of certain an amount to that amount 98% of shops – and no longer only virtual stores – utilizes them in imitation of increase income total and in imitation of loyalise customers.

Thanks in conformity with YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards thou will stand in a position after originate gift playing cards over some quantity and consign thine customers the possibility in accordance with buy what she actually want.



  • Create one yet extra present cards with a constant amount
  • Send gift card code by automated e-mail sending


  • Use the gift visiting card according to pay the aggregation quantity on the kilter and share of it



  • All the capabilities of the unrestricted version
  • Allow users to let in the present card amount
  • Set minimum aggregation to that amount consumer can get in because of gift card New
  • Choose a specific picture for each present card
  • Choose if yet the place after exhibit the keep logo on the present card
  • Choose the employment in imitation of perform then the related rule acquires the “Cancelled” reputation or it has been refunded
  • suspend the uses about the present card
  • disable the gift card (in this suit such couldn’t be ancient because anybody ignoble purchase)
  • Create a gallery concerning pix so could stand related in imitation of gift cards throughout the purchase
  • Sell physical gift playing cards (pre-printed)
  • Place the ‘apply gift card code’ structure concerning one-of-a-kind locations within the cart then checkout page New
  • Verify the e mail sending reputation over the present code
  • Send the gift code manually of case concerning error
  • Attach PDF to present visiting card email New
  • Disable the present card manually
  • Verify the unique and cutting-edge volume regarding every purchased gift card
  • Give a gift stamp referring according to a particular production about the shop: the label acquires the same virtue over the product and that wish be cautioned between the email
  • Create the gift cards beyond the back-end
  • Edit the gift card important points out of the back-end
  • Update the present visiting card stability beyond the back-end barring growing a current order
  • Manage the inventory about “Gift Card” products
  • Override the default templates concerning the gift visiting card despatched through email
  • Set the expiration persimmon because the present card
  • Set base quantity on the cart between rule after request gift card New
  • Show the email tackle associated after each present visiting card on the Cart page


  • Insert sender’s odor yet a custom-made message
  • Specify extra recipients for the equal present card typology (an e mail with the code related in conformity with the present visiting card will keep sent in accordance with each recipient)
  • Postpone the present card transport till the distinctive date
  • Change the picture about the gift card by using selecting beside a private some yet from the margin the governor taken available
  • Change gift visiting card important points afterward the purchase
  • Receive an e-mail every era the purchased present card is used
  • Purchase a gift coupon referring according to a unique production regarding the shop: the label acquires the identical charge regarding the product yet such intention stay advised between the email
  • Verify the repute yet the amount regarding the gift playing cards he/she owns

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YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards Premium
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Last Update: September 18, 2023
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