SportsPress Pro – WordPress Plugin for Serious Teams and Athletes

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Version: 2.7.17

Last Update: 7 Feb 2024

Release Date: 15 Mar 2020

Uses: Unlimited Domain

Products Source: Original Authors.

Future Updates: One Year / Lifetime

License Type: GPL

SportsPress Pro WordPress Plugin


Build a professional data-driven sports website for you team today.

Built for sports

No necessity to hack together a couple of plugins for the functionality ye want, it’s whole here. SportsPress Pro is an all-in-one sports activities club manager because WordPress.

Designed with care

Intuitive software wrought via our close skilled developers. Imagine your sports activities website about steroids, without the ‘roids – one hundred percent beautifully written code.

Saves improvement time

SportsPress Pro saves ye time via gift you the equipment you need after employ over thy internet site quickly or easily. All of its services labor seamlessly together.


Fully automated standings relinquish ye the remedy about understanding thine suture tables are constantly over to date.

Auto-calculate then sort by means of anybody column

Sort with the aid of certain then a couple of columns, including a precedency placing because each column. Visitors be able additionally click any on the columns after customized kind the table.

Highlight you home group between the table

Select a team after spotlight of each suture table, after redact such easier in accordance with parley the place ye crew is within the standings. Shortened tables are headquartered around the highlighted team.

Head in accordance with tip tiebreakers NEW

In the event concerning a tie, SportsPress robotically compares or analyzes fit effects between the teams to eke out to them among order.

Build customized equations because you sport

Choose out of the included presets, yet construct equations for somebody sport. The effortless drag-and-drop interface approves thou according to propagate customized equations yet show advanced facts as streak, games back, and home/away records.


Schedule events.

Display venue information

Keep thy gamers or mace informed then let them recognize where it want according to be. Add venues in conformity with show an interactive Google chart so they may recognize precisely whether in conformity with arrive there.

Add a beginning lineup

Select the players as intention keep enjoying among the event. The player method be able remain changed, yet starting lineup do stand displayed one at a time beside substitutes.


Publish scores.

Scoring timeline NEW

SportsPress makes that convenient in conformity with maintain track of each player’s performance for the duration of an event. Display it in a timeline together with icons within thy in shape report.

Detailed in shape stats

Get extra insight by way of showing a breakdown regarding each team’s facts per event. An animated time plan will show you the suit stats.


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