Massive Addons for WPBakery Page Builder

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Version: 2.4.8

Last Update:  10 Feb 2024

Release Date:  12 Aug 2020

Uses: Unlimited Domain

Products Source: Original Authors.

Future Updates: One Year / Lifetime

License Type: GPL

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Massive Addons for WPBakery Page Builder

Massive Addons because of Visual Composer is the most whole extensions package. Over 1700 presets, more then 70 shortcodes & additions, handy in imitation of use.

Massive Addons – Uber Visual Composer Extension

Hello, between May 2015 we have engage abroad in accordance with create The Best Visual Composer addon with entire the bells or whistles as you expect from certain package. After eight months we hold ended on with Massive Addons then we suppose such is awesome! Learn All about such below, or thank ye because of your interest!

We are working as designers and builders because above a decade, ye perform utterance we know our access round the internet Visual Composer is our pace according to page architect for years or that’s by what means we be aware of it’s blessings then drawbacks. At the opening we have investigated where is wrong with modern addon packages and VC itself. Most of the applications are slow, nappy measurement yet does no longer look good. Each epoch you necessity according to alternate some thing thou need in imitation of run via heaps about settings in conformity with reap the same look. There is no handy way in accordance with without difficulty create stuff together with few clicks and up to expectation acquired to us thinking.

We came on with Presets. Basically presets are “templates” regarding patterns & layouts because your shortcodes. With presets you do adulate someone layout somewhere on the website with just some click. Of direction thou perform originate thine own presets, edit the build of package (there are over 1700 presets) yet eliminate these ye work no longer need anymore.

But that wasn’t our solely assumption. It had according to stay easy in conformity with use, fast, dependable eye-catching. To deliver our customers whole monitoring we bear built a lot concerning settings, however we additionally wanted it in accordance with look welcoming or simple. That’s why we hold created Easy Mode. It shows only the quintessential settings then hides the rest. We made the best workflow possible: assign preset, alternate (for example) content, keep yet you are done.

Optimization was additionally a resolution assumption. We bear past a brush regarding epoch concerning such and scored an “A” norm regarding gTmetrix together with nearly one hundred percent score.

To add Massive Addons within standpoint we have: 70+ shortcodes & additions, 1700+ presets, 35 page templates, 5000+ settings, 15 tutorial videos. It took to us almost 7000 hours of coding, 541 GIT Commits and we have written over 130 0 lines about code!

Try Massive Addons, earlier than thou buy it, watch promotional video or compare such after it’s competitors.

Main Features


Presets are a unique Massive Addons feature, that allows thou according to fashion yet change the behavior concerning thy shortcodes along a single click. Preset is a set about shortcode settings such defines each thing over its seem to be & behavior. MA comes with over 1700 presets, on route thou do make and eliminate them, on top concerning up to expectation thou execute easily propagate your own presets.

Easy Mode

Each shortcode from the package deal has plenty of options, partial of our users accustomed need the full power thats why we bear created an Easy Mode (you may without difficulty turn that regarding & far away for each shortcode). What that does is leaves only the key settings because of each shortcode and hides the advanced stuff. Of route that factory along presets.


Massive Addons comes with 63 shortcodes, every on to them hold been construct from scratch. You can control almost anybody factor concerning the shortcode: border, backgrounds, colors, behavior, layout, outcomes then tons a great deal more. Because they are entirely flexible the probabilities are endless.


A quantity out of shortcodes MA has additionally a engage over additions (12). They are providing additional purposes in accordance with the shortcodes yet Visual Composer itself. For instance we have prolonged the Row settings in conformity with conjoin the parallax effect including on to three layers.

Page Templates

To show thou as MA is genuinely respecting we bear created 35 stunning page templates, because of ye to labor with then effortlessly consult where is viable with our package. All over the pages are construct among one hundred percent including Massive Addons, in that place are no additions.

Custom Fields

We bear made more than one customized fields because enhance settings to without problems square them. There are one-of-a-kind fields because boarders, margins, paddings, icons, gradients etc. Such fields accomplish the shortcodes simpler in conformity with utilizes additionally the settings are lots more readable.

Icons & Fonts

MA comes with over 2500+ icons yet 700+ fonts, regarding direction only the old fonts (and font weights) are loaded. The icons are retina ready. You be able effortlessly boss chronic fonts with font presets.

Optimized for search engine marketing & Performance

We have yoke a fascicle concerning though of performance then search engine optimisation optimization. This is a very sizeable plugin but in accordance with fulfill definitive everything is as clean as like possible on each page we load only the quintessential files, we make sure so the number regarding requests is as much low as like possible. Each about the shortcodes & presets perform remain without difficulty disabled. We hold examined the web page in opposition to our opposition then MA is above in accordance with 2 instances faster. We solely assign the critical font families yet font weights. We provide a model regarding MA including minified CSS then JS files to enhance the overall performance further.

Improved Visual Composer

We hold redesigned VC (don’t stand fearful that manufactory the same) yet took it a bottom further. With loads over choices the Visual Composers shortcode popup was now not altogether readable. Thats why we have built something called Stacks. Basically Stack businesses fields together. For instance border discipline doesn’t drink on eighth lines on space (one because of every setting) however just 2. stellar is accountable because of resemble settings kind of border type, color, radius etc. The second one covers the resemble including out of every side. On pinnacle of that it appears great!

Training Videos

We need thou in imitation of succeed, thats by what means we have tooled lump over coaching movies over or after usage our shortcodes it’s presets and sordid high-quality features. Currently in that place are 15 videos with extra in imitation of come. They are among HD multiplication yet partial over to them are narrated.

Responsive & Retina Ready

Both the shortcodes & the redesigned Visual Composer is soft-hearted & retina ready. We hold tested that over actual devices.

Translation ready

Massive Addons comes with WPML support and PO files so you perform effortlessly alter such after someone sound thou like.

PSDs Included

Inside the download package deal thou pleasure discover a employ of over 50 PSD files with all the shortcodes yet templates.

Extensive Documentation

We desired according to edit the documentation as like convenient in conformity with use so possible thats from what we constructed a website devoted to Massive Addons with potential base, immediate ask or deep extra clear features.

All In One Package

With Massive Addons thou be brought the almost advanced VC extension. We sincerely suppose to that amount with Visual Composer & Massive Addons ye do originate any website ye be able imagine


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