Bookly Pro – Appointment Booking & Scheduling System (Core Plugin + Addons)

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Version: 7.0

Last Update: 7 Feb 2024

Release Date:  25 Jan 2021

Uses: Unlimited Domain 

Products Source: Original Authors.

Future Updates: One Year / Lifetime

License Type: GPL

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Bookly Pro – Appointment Booking and Scheduling Software System

Bookly WordPress plugin Online booking and scheduling of products and services can save you a lot of time and effort. Bookly WordPress plugin allows you to automate online booking of your services and you can focus on increasing the quality of your services. This plugin is especially useful for the businesses that provide online reservations.

Bookly is equally useful for both the customers as well as the business owners. Customers prefer it because the booking form is perfectly responsive to all the devices. All a user needs to do is select a service that they want to use, provide some basic personal info and select an appropriate time for an appointment. That’s it.  The customers are notified by SMS or email before the appointment. Customers don’t have to contact directly with any of the staff members. There is no need of making phone calls or arranging face to face meetings in order to get an appointment reservation. The whole process of reservation is automatic.

Business owners can save their time and effort by using this online booking method. bookly wordpress plugin free download with membership is extremely easy to setup and you don’t need to have any kind of technical knowledge in order to get started with it. In case you are facing problems regarding the install of this plugin on your WordPress website, bookly’s tutorials documentations and support team is always available at your service.

The booking form is highly customizable. You can make bookly wordpress plugin free download as appealing and purposeful as you want to.  You can choose the layout and design which suite your business and brand the best and reflects your true values.

The non-appearance mass of Bookly includes:

  • Fully-customizable reserving form so much can lie used over someone device;
  • Filterable, sortable yet searchable reserving list that you do seal or export to CSV;
  • Unlimited number of Staff Members together with unaccompanied work schedules, prices, and capability in imitation of square their profiles then on-line booking calendar;
  • Unlimited variety about Services which you may team between categories then put in unique colorings because less difficult viewing of Bookly Calendar;
  • Importable yet exportable purchaser wretched along unlimited consumers listing which displays repayments stats yet intestinal notes as regards the client;
  • Various templates because customizable Email and SMS notifications;
  • 2-way synchronization of Bookly Calendar yet Google Calendar as robotically reflects entire updates among Bookly between your Google Calendar;
  • Integration together with PayPal Express Checkout, the list regarding completed then pending payments;
  • Built-in analytics along reserving statistics;
  • WooCommerce compatibility;
  • Multi-language aid – 12 languages included;
  • Six months regarding 24/7 on line consumer support.


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