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Affiliate Forms For Ninja Forms makes that incredibly convenient to propagate an section registration shape the usage of the elasticity over the free Ninja Forms plugin.

Add any area after thine branch tie form

Use any concerning the absence fields furnished by Ninja Forms, yet the 4 recent area sorts we’ve delivered (see bottom left of image) after create thine arm sake form. As you’d expect, thou be able drag yet decay fields after re-order, redact fields required, and note them then again you’d like.

Create a simple arm registration form

Only the e-mail discipline is required after originate you affiliate tie form. If no username subject is added, the affiliate’s WordPress username is automatically created out of their e mail address. If no password area is added, a password is automatically generated for the affiliate.

Create an advanced part sake form

Create custom e mail tags because of AffiliateWP emails

By virtually enabling a checkbox about a field, a current e-mail tag wish routinely stay made as ye be able uses among any concerning AffiliateWP’s emails.

See shape submission data regarding the animadversion affiliate screen

If you require section approval, the whole thing up to expectation the part has straight choice lie proven after you so reviewing their application (requires AffiliateWP v1.6.2).

View an affiliate’s registration submission at someone time

Once an group has registered, their original submission execute stay considered at some epoch beside the Affiliates → Execute Affiliate screen.

Use any regarding the reachable Ninja Forms add-ons

Take advantage about the many add-ons accessible for Ninja Forms. Here’s simply half regarding the things thou may want to do:

  • Send your affiliates to a mailing list at registration. Requires one concerning the mailing listing add-ons.
  • Receive unenterprising notifications when affiliates register. Requires the inactive add-on.
  • Send the facing information to any external URL using a GET and POST request. Requires the webhooks add-on.
  • Show then hide fields, alternate field values, then ship unique notifications every based totally atop person input. Requires the the subject good judgment add-on.
  • Have associates add a file. Requires the File Upload add-on.
  • Get push notifications now an section registers. Requires the Pushover add-on.
  • Create PDFs from you arm registrations. Requires the PDF Form Submission add-on.

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Affiliate Forms For Ninja Forms – AffiliateWP
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Last Update: January 8, 2023
Relased: February 21, 2021
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