YITH WooCommerce Mailchimp Premium

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Version: 2.2.1

Last Update:  10 Feb 2024

Release Date:  12 Aug 2020

Uses: Unlimited Domain

Products Source: Original Authors.

Future Updates: One Year / Lifetime

License Type: GPL

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YITH WooCommerce Mailchimp Premium

Make specific advertising and marketing campaigns by means of email for clients regarding thine keep by way of using MailChimp. If you be able superintend thy relation among a more systematical way, thou can clearly lie greater faithful then you’ll advise sales into thy store increase. All it perform lie managed automatically within a not many easy gestures by it recent YITH plugin.


With YITH WooCommerce MailChimp thou may manage email advertising and marketing campaigns for you e-commerce into a few simple gestures.
You execute add connection beside thy save then discipline creation yet completion, mechanically and only afterwards customer’s consent.
You perform profit of entire advantages so an email service provider certain as much MailChimp can provide thou to promote your instant products, your offers, you shop, in conformity with absolutely keep in contact including you clients then anything you want.

We whole be aware of as electronic mail advertising and marketing is a altogether Herculean tool because save advertising and trafficking increasing, mainly when managed tidily yet systematically together with targeted campaigns up to expectation bear a plenty higher trafficking transformation rate.


  • Integrate WordPress then WooCommerce along your MailChimp profile, by letting thine customers routinely pay subscription one over thy lists all through checkout.
  • Register modern customers as much soon so their kilter is both placed and completed.
  • Show a checkbox in accordance with pass to them explicitly permit protractor and not.
  • Send a confirmation e mail regarding subscription yet not (double opt-in – dealt with via MailChimp).
  • Update a consumer so much is already registered in imitation of the listing or not.
  • Send a “Welcome email” to newly subscribed users (welcome e mail – treated by MailChimp).


  • All services on the broad version
  • Specify activity groups because latter subscriptions at some point of checkout.
  • An superior selection color that lets in thou in conformity with accumulate a consumer in accordance with extra than one lists and specify pastime corporations (if any) because of every over them.
  • In advanced mode, accomplice WooCommerce checkout fields in conformity with MailChimp listing fields, and as users’ profiles are mechanically populated.
  • In superior mode, specify stipulations because recent subscriptions after the list.
  • Use a shortcode in conformity with stamp concerning the veil an AJAX shape for determination in imitation of the list.
  • Select lists or businesses because recent consumer registrations.
  • Select fields so pleasure stand printed within the form, handling the distinctive sorts of MailChimp fields yet obligatory fields.
  • Customize form style the usage of an easy-to-use panel.
  • Use a loss that prints a protractor structure in imitation of a precise list.
  • Select lists and corporations too between the widget.
  • Select yet kind fields even in the harm or manage them in accordance according to the discipline type.
  • Customize the danger out of the choices panel.
  • Export a engage about you e-commerce customers within a MailChimp list.
  • You can both filter customers or discriminate them of users or clients then filter to them the usage of parameters concerning their orders.
  • Export users among a CSV file for consideration and use it in administration software.
  • Display a loss of WordPress dashboard with facts respecting user-defined lists.
  • Integrate eCommerce360 in accordance with music purchases deriving from a MailChimp campaign.


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