Ninja Forms + WebMerge

Populate documents of WordPress, digital or paper! Perfect for contracts, applications, administration forms, affected person registration, then more!

Do you want a road in accordance with pack archives within WordPress? Need in conformity with upgrade out of paper archives in imitation of digital but invested between the distribute as you’ve continually used? Paper documentation a necessity, however would choose to acquire the data digitally?

Populating digital and even bill of exchange documents the usage of facts accrued of thy WordPress internet site is easy. You just necessity the appropriate tool.

WebMerge + Ninja Forms brings ye the give you want in accordance with populate delivery note then digital files directly beside thine WordPress forms!

Lose the delivery note trail! Populate documents within WordPress together with ease.

Does you commercial enterprise yet agency remember regarding enormously specific documents because of daily operation? You do entirely without difficulty take this files digital, bear users populate them directly from WordPress, and then entrust them.

It’s fairly easy:

  • Scan/upload thine report between
  • Add a WebMerge assignment to somebody Ninja Form
  • Select you record within as action
  • Map the shape fields in conformity with the file fields
  • Publish!

You may also hold every newly completed document delivered in imitation of your desired vacation spot by e mail then third celebration integration.

Take virtually some document digital

No remember or easy or complicated thy record can also be, such may stand stuffed oversea digitally through internet form.

  • Contracts/Agreements. Get commercial enterprise taken faster!
  • Rent, employment, whatever thou necessity you do operate that online!
  • Government Forms. Automatically give birth to these tedious (but required) government varieties along ease.
  • Patient Registration. Make them accessible on-line in accordance with shave epoch afar of every appointment.
  • Easily originate expert proposals whole along tables yet charts.
  • Event Tickets. Automatically create tickets because of concerts, sporting events, grant dinners, then more.
  • Receipts/Invoices. Generate expert quality, custom receipts and invoices.

There’s therefore a great deal extra thou do do. Either upload an existing document, then originate your personal customized report from a template within the WebMerge service.

Works because a variety on document types, which include spreadsheets!

Do ye have delivery note archives up to expectation thou necessity in imitation of bust digital? No problem. Scan them yet alter to them to a fillable PDF, or effortlessly add to them into WebMerge. Their situation helps a extensive variety of file types:

  • PDF
  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint

What are thou ready for? Save you commercial enterprise time or cash by means of doing away with grievous paper trails. Make populating archives among WordPress as much convenient namely admission of a web form. Download WebMerge because Ninja Forms today!

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Ninja Forms WebMerge
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